CFMS Bihar is a useful portal for the employees of Bihar State. Through which any type of work like- Employee Salary Statement, Budget Allotment, Pay Slip Download, Service Details etc. can be done.

It has been issued by the Finance Department of Bihar State. Which simplifies the task of extracting salary slips for the employer. If you also want to know information related to CFMS Bihar Login, then this post will be useful for you.

Bill Report Salary Slip CFMS Bihar

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How to download Salary Slip in Bihar Government Employee

What is CFMS Bihar?

A portal for government employees was released by the state finance department. Which is also known as CFMS Bihar or e Nidhi. Through which Employee can see his e Salary and other details. If you are also a government employee, then you can take advantage of their service by logging in with your ID .

How to Download Salary Slip?

First of all login to the official site with your ID.
Then, click on “E-Billing”.
After this select the officer type and click on “Submit”.
Click on Pay Bill and Salary Slip Report.
After this, click on the button “Search” for GPF / PRAN and select the name of the employee.
Select the Year and Month that you want to see.
Select PDF in Report Type and click on the “Generate” button.

What is a comprehensive financial management system?

E-Nidhi CFMS Bihar Portal has been launched by The State Government of Bihar for their government workers. The portal operates by the Finance Department of Bihar through the Comprehensive Financial Management System (CFMS). The system has been designed for generating Payslip of employees.

Login to CFMS Bihar-

First of all open this link to the official website-
Then, enter the Username and Password.
Now click on the button “Login”.

What to do if you forgot the password?

If you have forgotten the password and only know the username, you can recover the password again. 
For this, the Forget Password Process has to be completed.
In the first, open the forget password link of CFMS Bihar site- / 
Click Here /
Then, enter the User Name and click on “Get Secret Question”.
After this, whatever question is asked, write its answer in the box.
Now, click on Generate OTP enter the OTP in the registered Mobile No/Email and verify it.

Remove Budget Allotment Details-

First login to CFMS Bihar with your login ID.
Click on Budget Allotment and click on Reports.
Click on Received Allotment Details.
Then, select Financial Year, HOA, Date and Report Type and click on “Generate”.

Contact Details of CFMS Bihar (E-Nidhi)

Helpline Number: 06122211355,8540048477,8987247585,9473019597
Email ID:

Remove Service Details of Employee

First of all login to the website of CFMS Bihar with your ID.
Then, click on E-Billing and select “Employee Maintenance Maker”.
Click on Employee Maintenance and click on Service Details Report under the “Report” section.
After this, select Group Name and Employee ID in Employee Service Details by clicking on the “Search” button.
Then, select PDF in Report Type and it will be downloaded after clicking on “Generate”.

e-Nidhi Webmail Login Process-

First of all click on this link to the official site-
Fill in the Username and Password.
If you want to save the login details in the portal, then check the Remember box.
Now, click on the button of “Login”.

How to Open Bihar e-Nidhi Portal?

If the website is not opening on opening and the error written ‘Your connection is not private is visible. In such a situation, below the notice written ‘Your connection is not private, click on the button written “Advanced”. After this click on the link written: “Proceed to (unsafe)”. After that, the website will open.

Sometimes the website does not open quickly, why?

Sometimes the server of the site is slow or because of entering the wrong URL, the site cannot be accessed.

Is the e-Nidhi portal useful for all?

No, the E Nidhi website is only for Government Employees of Bihar State. Which is used for salary, bill report etc.

Where to get User ID and Password?

To get the login ID of the portal, you can contact your concerned department.




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