NHTS Data Entry Status E Sadhana Portal which is released by Telangana and Andhra Pradesh State. In which it is used for work-related to women, children, employees and Anganwadi. Any organization works for women and child care in India. eSadhana portal was also started for the same purpose. Which is operated by the Women, Children and Disabled Department of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh state.


Portal Namee Sadhana
StateTelangana and Andhra Pradesh
DepartmentDept. for Women,Children and Disabled 
Authority byGovt. of Telangana & AP
Official Sitewdcw.tg.nic.in // wdcw.ap.gov.in

What is e Sadhana Portal?

It is the official portal of the Department of Women, Children, Disabled and Senior Citizens of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Its official site is known as “E Sadhana”. In which any kind of service has been issued. Apart from this, work related to Anganwadi is also done online in this portal.

How to Check NHTS Data Entry Status?

First, Open the Official Portal and click this link-Visit Now
Select “District” Name
Again, Select Project and Sector

Howe to Sadhana APP Login Process?

Open this page of Official Site- Visit Now
Enter your User ID, Password and Security Pin
Then, Click on the Login button.

Contact Details of Employees

First, open this link to the Official site- visit now
Select of District Name
See the Project Name and Click on Updates Contact Details Number
Then, Show the List Name of Employees

Check Beneficiaries Received Food Under Arogyalaxmi Report

Open the Official Site and Click this link- visit now
Select of Month, Year, District, Project and Sector Name
Again, Show the Details after some time.

E Sadhana Telangana Services List-

  1. Anganwadi Information System (AASR)
  2. m-Anganwadi
  3. Memos & Guidelines
  4. Employee Management System
  5. AWTC Reporting System
  6. Commodity Supply Tracking System
  7. Online FCR
  8. Budget & Expenditure Monitoring System
  9. MPR System (GOI)

Services List of e Sadhana AP

  1. AWC Monitoring Tool
  2. Common Application Software
  3. Poshan Abhiyaan
  4. Kishori Vikasam
  5. AWW/AWH Recruitment System
  6. Eggand and Milk supply Trankingsystem
  7. Rapid Reporting System
  8. Management Information System (MIS)

How to Download YSR SP Mobile App

  1. Open the Official Site –visit now
  2. Click on YSR SP Mobile App link
  3. The App download on APK Format
  4. Then, download and Install App
  5. and Open the App and login to your Details.

2022 new FAQ of e-Sadhana Portal Services

What is e-sadhana?

It is the official portal of the Department of Women, Children and the Disabled in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

Question Can I view Telangana Anganwadi details only through the portal?

Yes, because the portal is only for Telangana.

What is the full form of NHTS?

The complete form of NHTS is the Nutrition and Health Tracking System.

Are Telangana and Andhra Pradesh separate portals?

Yes, separate portals have been launched for both states.

Can I remove employee details using the E Sadhana site?

Yes, if you want to see the details of the employee of any relevant department, you can see it from the official site.

Anganwadi NHTS Registration Data Entry Online

Anagnwadi NHTS Beneficiary List Updateఅంగన్వాడీ

అంగన్వాడి సేవలు ఆన్లైన్ లో ఎలా ఎక్కించాలి -NHTS Anganwadi

How To Update NHTS Anganwadi Child Women

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