Q. What is the Road Tax of Jharkhand?
Road tax is charged for the vehicle by the Jharkhand government. Which is used for the construction and repair of roads.

Q. On what does the cost of Road Tax depend?
Road tax depends on the type of vehicle whether the vehicle is small or big. For a bigger car, you have to pay more tax.

Q. How to pay road tax?
Road tax can be paid both online and offline.

Q. What is toll tax?
Toll tax is levied on a certain wide road. This tax is not applicable on all roads.

Q. How is toll tax paid every day?
Payment of Toll Tax The charge is deducted at the time of crossing the vehicle at Toll Tax Plaza which is linked to the bank account.

Q. At what time should the road tax be deposited?
If you want to pay road tax, you can pay online at any time.

Q. Can I fill the vehicle number on the registration number?
Yes, in place of the registration number, you can also enter the vehicle number. This can be done while using the Services of Vahan Site.

Q. Can Jharkhand Road Tax be deposited offline?
If you do not want to pay road tax online, then go to your nearest RTO office and submit it.

Jharkhand Road Tax

Do you have to deposit Jharkhand Road Tax? If you want to pay road tax for your own or another’s vehicle, then definitely read this post till the end. The government collects road tax from every vehicle owner. Which varies according to the vehicle.

In this post, information about what is road tax, checking Jharkhand Road Tax Status, online payment, why the government takes road tax, etc. has been shared.

If you have any vehicle like a car, bike or any other vehicle, then you must have to pay road tax. All types of vehicles have to be taxed. You can also pay road tax online yourself. In this post, you will also know about the tax levied on driving on the road.

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What is Jharkhand Road Tax?

Road tax is also collected by the Jharkhand government from the owner of the vehicle. Whether the tax amount is more or less depends on the vehicle. For a bigger vehicle, a higher tax amount has to be paid and a smaller amount of road tax has to be paid for the smaller vehicle. Apart from this, the road tax amount may be more or less in different states. Road tax is charged from the vehicle owner at the time of purchase of the vehicle. The government takes any type of tax from the vehicle owner, such as road tax, road cess, toll tax etc. Which the government spends the amount (money) of these taxes in the work related to road transport.

How to pay Jharkhand Road Tax?

If you want to make an online payment of Road Tax Jharkhand, then you can easily pay the tax. To pay road tax, follow the below steps-

  1. First of all open this link of Vahan Official site- Click Here |
  2. Enter your vehicle number and click on “Proceed”.
  3. Then, click on “Pay Your Tax”.
  4. Enter the mobile number and click on “Generate OTP”.
  5. Then, enter the ‘OTP’ that came in the mobile and V’erify’ it.
  6. Now, select Quarterly and ‘Yearly’.
  7. Then, click on “Payment” and make the payment online.

Payment Transaction Status देखें-

  • First open this link of official site of Vahan Parivahan- https://vahan.parivahan.gov.in/vahanpgi/faces/ui/transactionStatus.xhtml
  • Then, Transaction ID, Bank Ref. The option of No, Registration No, Payment ID and Gm No will appear.
  • Select the ID you have from these. (You can enter the number of the vehicle in the Registration No.)
  • Enter the number in the box and click on “Search”.

How to change mobile number?

If you want to change the mobile number in Vehicle RC, then follow the steps given below-

  1. First of all open the website of Vahan Parivahan.
  2. Then, click on “Update Mobile Number” located in the ‘Home Page’.
  3. Enter the Registration No, Chassis No and Engine Number of the vehicle.
  4. And click on “Show Details”.
  5. You will be able to see the details of the vehicle and the owner.
  6. Enter the number to update mobile number.
  7. And, click on “Generate OTP”.
  8. Verify the OTP and click on “Save Details”.

How to Know Pending e-Challan / Blaclist Details?

  • First of all go to the official website link of Vahan Parivahan.
  • The registration number of the vehicle has to be entered in the box ‘Choose Option to Avail Services’ located on the home page.
  • Then click on “Proceed” button and click on ‘Pending/Blacklist Details’ under Status section.
  • After this, enter the Registration Number and Captcha Code and click on ‘Show Details’.

Why does the government collect road tax?

Be it India or any other country, a rule has been made to pay road tax in all countries. Road tax has to be paid by the vehicle owner. In India, this tax is levied when someone buys a new vehicle. The price is then taken by adding road tax along with the cost of the vehicle. The government needs huge money for road construction and repair. Therefore, to compensate for this amount, the government takes road tax from the vehicle owners.

Road tax plays an important role in road construction and repair work. Therefore, if you want to build more roads in the country, then definitely pay road tax. A responsible person always follows the rule of his government.

Contact Details of Jharkhand Transport Department

  • Sri K. Ravikumar (Secretary): 0651-2401706
  • Email ID: transport.jhr@gmail.com
  • SMT. Kiran Kumari Pasi (Transport Commissioner): 0651-2446802

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