How to Sell Domain Names on Godaddy: Do you want to sell your domain on Godaddy? People also earn a lot of money by selling domains. If you are also thinking of earning money by selling domain then Godaddy is a good option for you. Godaddy provides a facility to sell company domains. In which money can be earned by selling the top domain name after buying it. But, always keep in mind that if any domain is expected to be sold after buying, then your hopes may be ruined. Because no domain can be sold. For this, you have to list a good domain for sale.

What is Domain Selling?

If a user buys a domain in GoDaddy and sells it through GoDaddy itself or on other platforms at a higher price. This process is called ‘Domain Names Sell on Godaddy ‘. In which the user buys the domain at a lower price and sells it at a higher price. Due to this, the seller gets a profit. Many people are also earning money by doing this kind of work.

How to Sell Domain Names on Godaddy?

If you are thinking that any domain can be bought and sold in GoDaddy, then you may be at a loss. Because people will not buy any domain for a higher price. Do research before buying a domain, only a good domain can be sold. Below we have told some points on the basis of which buy the domain name-

  • Buy a domain name whose search volume is very high.
  • Always pay attention to the top level extension like – .com, .net, .org, .in & etc.
  • A domain name which is in high demand in the coming time.
  • Always bid for the appropriate price according to the range of the domain name.
  • Choose a particular word that is branding.
  • Before booking the domain, check the domain that there is no problem like a penalty.
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FAQs for Sell Domain Names on Godaddy 2022

Q. Can all purchased domains be listed for sale?

Yes, if you want, you can list all the domains of the cell. But it will not fix all the cells.

Q. What commission does GoDaddy charge for selling?

When selling a domain through GoDaddy, some % commission has to be paid to GoDaddy as well.

Q. Should I sell the domain?

Yes, if that domain is not to work and the domain has been registered for the purpose of selling. So selling it at a good price is also beneficial.

Q. Can I do the list myself for sale after purchasing the domain?

Of course, if the idea is to sell the domain, then after logging in to Godaddy, the setting of the cell list in the dashboard has to be activated.

Q. At what cost can the domain be sold?

The price of the domain sale is not fixed. The price can be thousands-lakhs, the price is dependent on the market value of the domain.

Q. Does the domain renewal charge increase?

Yes, whenever the domain needs to be renewed, then more charges have to be paid than before.

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