HRMS Haryana (HRMS Haryana) is one of the important portals of the state, which has been issued by the Government of Haryana. The use of this portal has been specially made for government employees. If you are also a government employee or want to know the information related to the service of HRMS Haryana 2022.

Through the portal, work related to Employee Details, Loan, Punishments, Transfer, ACRs, Leave Record details, Promotion, Seniority and Service Books etc. can be done online.

HRMS Haryana Employee Login

HRMS Haryana

Portal/Scheme NameHRMS Haryana
Website typegovernment site
site controlNIC, (by Haryana State Government)
ServiceLoan, punishment, transfer etc.

What is HRMS Haryana Portal?

The full form of HRMS is the ” Human Resource Management System “. That is, it comes under the Human Resource Management System. This is a type of software that provides data for Human Research Management. HRMS Haryana Special is used for Haryana State. But, for more information, definitely visit the official website.
Note: Now, the new portal for Haryana employees has been released to Intra Haryana. Out of which the work of Salary, Leave and Tour, Bio Data, GPF etc. can be done.

How to log in to HRMS Haryana?

First of all open the official website-
Select User Type- Level admin/ Checker/ Maker / Department Admin User
Then, enter “User ID” and “Your Password”.
Fill in the “Security code / Image code”.
Now, click on the “Log in” button.

Services available on HRMS Haryana

Basic Details of Haryana Employee
Service book
ACR Received/Missing/Pending
Employee age (for extension purposes)
Retirement Due details
Employee Directory
Post wise Sanctioned & Vacancy
Office wise Sanctioned & Vacancy

What is Super and Report Admin Login Process?

First, open the official site- Visit Now
Then, select Super admin / Report admin in User Type.
Then, enter the User ID and Password.
Enter “Security code / Image code” in the box.
Then, click on “Log in”.

How to Relieving in HRMS HRY?

First of all log in with your user id.
Then click on “Transactions” and click on “Future Transactions”.
After this choose from two options – Search by Unique code and Search by Group Rules/Designation.
If you have selected Search by Group Rules/Designation then select the Designation of Employee.
Select Service Book Option in Type and click on “Search”.
After this, the details of the employee will appear, select it.
Then, click on Posting Transfer and click on the button “Add”.
After this, fill all the Posting Transfer Details, Transfer Form, Transfer To, Working Group / Pay Scale / Rule etc.
Also fill in the Relieving Date, Service Book, ACR Maintain Level and other details and click on “Lock”.

Annual Increment Withdrawn Process

First of all login to the official website with your User ID and Password.
After this click on the ‘Annual Increment’ link of the ‘Transaction’ section.
Then, year and month have to be selected.
Two options will be shown in the option of Type – Pending and Granted in HRMS, select Granted in HRMS.
Select the Designation of the Employee and click on the ‘Search’ button.
Annual Increment details will appear. Now click on ‘Withdraw / Reset Bank Pay to Previous Value’.

Who can log in to HRMS Haryana Portal?

No user can log in to the website of Human Resource Management System Haryana. 
Only users of the following posts can log in on the portal-
Super Admin
Level Admin User
Department Admin User

Help Desk of HRMS Haryana

First, open this link to the official site of HRMS Haryana-  Visit Now
Then, enter your User Name and Password.
Enter the captcha code and click on “Login”.

What is the full form of HRMS?

The full form of HRMS is Human Resource Management System.

Is this portal for the people of all the states?

No, this portal is made only for the people of Haryana state.

What is the name of the mobile app issued for the employees?

The official released app located in the portal has been named Karamchari Sahayak.

Can we still do Salary, GPF, Leave etc. from the site of HRMS Haryana?

Now, the Haryana government has also released a new website- for the same. In which you can log in.

User loginClick Here
Karamchari Sahayak
Supper admin loginClick Here
Help desk Haryana Click Here
Upload Scanned Service bookDownload
The user manual of ACPDownload Here
Transfer [user manual]Get Here
The user manual of timescale Click Here
Download Mobile AppAPK Download
Official Website Click Here

HRMS Haryana Simple filling of Service book

Upload scanned service book of employees in HRMS

Posting and transfer on HRMS ,ESALARY AND MISORTAL

Human Resource Management System

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