IFMS MP Treasury Portal

Do you want to see IFMS MP Salary Pay Slip?

Sometimes the employees want to see the salary slip that how much salary they have received. A portal for the employee has been released by the financial department of the state of Madhya Pradesh. Which can be used by the state government employees by the login. In this article, IFMS MP Salary Slip Download, IFMS MP Login Process, Forgot Password and other information related to the portal have also been given. This portal is also known as “ IFMIS ”. So, to know the information related to the portal, read this post completely once and comment if you are facing any problem.

What is IFMS MP Treasury Pay?

Earlier, government employees used to face difficulty in getting their salary slips at some point. In view of this problem, the Madhya Pradesh government has started the IFMS portal for employees. With which the employee can also see IFMS MP Treasury Pay Slip 2022 online and can also be downloaded. Apart from this, the details of other work of government employees are also present in the portal. To see which you have to log in to the site first. The employee can easily log in with his/her User ID and Password. The department has advised using the Firefox browser for better functioning of the portal. But, can also work from other browsers like Chrome etc.

Is this portal useful for employees of all states?

No, the use of this portal is only for the government employee of Madhya Pradesh.

What is the full form of IFMS?

The full form of IFMS is the ‘Integrated Financial Management System’.

How to use IFMS MP Portal?

If you want to use this portal, then log in with your User ID and Password.

How is NOC related to IFMS MP Portal?

NOC ie ‘No Objection Certificate’ Certificate is given when there is no objection from the employee.

Can I verify without OTP if I forget the password?

No, it is mandatory to verify the OTP. Which OTP SMS arrives on the registered mobile number.

How to get Login ID and Password?

Employees can contact their department or BDO to get their login ID.

What to do if the login page is not opening?

Sometimes the server of the website is down and nothing is shown in the portal. In this type of situation, after some time try to log in again.

What is Cyber ​​Treasury?

Portal launched by Madhya Pradesh Finance Department, with the help of which the facility of submitting user e-Challan payment is available.

How to Login at IFMS MP ( Portal?

  1. First of all open the  IFMS MP Login  page  of the official website- visit now
  2. After that enter ‘User ID’. If you don’t have it, get it from the concerned department.
  3. Then, also type ‘Password’ and fill in ‘Captcha’ code correctly.
  4. Then, click on ‘Login’ button.

How to Reset Password of IFMS MP Treasury

  • 3. After this, click on the button of ‘Submit’.
  • 4. Now ‘OTP’ will come in the registered mobile number. Enter ‘OTP’ and click on ‘Verify OTP’.
  • 5. Then, a Temporary Password will be shown. Note it down.
  • 6. Now in the login page, enter the User ID and the temporary password that you have just received.
  • 7. After that fill the captcha code and click on the login button.
  • 8. Now, after entering Old Password (Temporary Password), New Password and Confirm Password, click on ‘Save’.

Download Salary Slip in IFMS MP Portal?

  • 1. First  go  to the login page of the   official website
  • 2. Must have ‘User ID’ and ‘Password’ to login to the portal.
  • 3. In the login page, enter the User ID, Password and ‘Captcha Code’ and click on Login.
  • 4. After login you will go to the Dashboard of IFMS MP.
  • 5. Then, you will see an option of ‘HRMIS Home’, click on it.
  • 6. Now, you can go to the report and see it. Two types of reports can be seen from this- (a) Employee Payslip Report (b) Annual Salary Statement.
  • 7. If you want to download month wise salary details slip then select ‘Employee Payslip report’ and if you want to see year wise then select ‘Annual Salary Statement’.
  • 5. After this, you can also download the salary slip. Apart from this, if you want to take a printout, then take it out.

What are the work done through IFMS MP Portal?

In the portal by this department, government employees can use for any kind of work like-

  1. No Objection Certificate
  2. General Provident Fund
  3. Traveling Allowance
  4. Leave Application
  5. Medical Service
  6. Loan
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC):  Under this, there is a no-objection certificate issued by an employee, in which if there is no objection to any work, then NOC is issued.
  • General Provident Fund:  General Provident Fund is for government employees, in which employees deposit some part of their salary in the form of a fund. Which is received at the time of retirement of the employee.
  • Traveling Allowance: Traveling Allowance which contains details of travel bills, hotel bills and food expenses of the employees.
  • Leave Application: Contains  all the details of the work done by the employees and the leave taken by the employees. Or apply for leave.
  • Medical Service:  Contains details of medical service like hospital expenses, medicine expenses etc. for the employees.
  • Loan:  Under this, the loan taken from the employees’ department, details related to loan repayment are included.

Change Employee Profile Details

  1. First of all login to the official site with your ID.
  2. Click on ESS (Employee Self Service) of HRMIS Home.
  3. Then, click on Change Employee Profile under e-Profile section.
  4. After this will open, which will have to be filled.
  5. Tick ​​the check in Update Employee Details and start filling the form.
  6. Fill the details like- Name, Employee Code, Date of Birth, Category, Gender and other details in the form.
  7. Then, the photograph and signature have to be uploaded.
  8. After this fill after selecting ‘Contact Details’.
  9. Also select in Valid Documents and upload it. Documents whose details you want to give.
  10. Now, after ‘Save’ click on ‘Submit’.

How to change mobile number and email id-

If you want to change your mobile number and email id, then you can easily change it without OTP verification. Just have to follow some steps given below-

  • 1. First of all login to with your login ID.
  • 2. Then, go to the ‘Contact Details’ section of ‘Change Profile Details’. (Since we have already mentioned the Profile Change Process in this post.)
  • 3. After this, any of the ‘Mobile Number’ and ‘Email’ have to be changed. Click on its “Edit” link.
  • 4. Now, the empty box will show enter the new Mobile No / Email in it and click on the “Update” button.
  • 5. After this put a check mark on the box of ‘Update Employee Contact Details’ and click on “Submit”.

How to open the official website (

If you want to open the official website or have tried to open it. So maybe you are also having a problem that the site is not opening. The reason for this is that the pop-up setting is blocked in your browser. So first allow the pop-up setting. Then refresh the site and open it. 

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