Jharkhand E-Pass (Jharkhand E-Pass) It was implemented by the Government of Jharkhand in view of the increasing situation of Corona epidemic. If you are going to travel outside the house to a city or a very long distance, then you should definitely make a Corona E Pass . Otherwise the police can catch anywhere and have to pay a fine. If you want to create a new Jharkhand E Pass , then this post can be useful for you. In this post, you can know the e-pass application process, required documents and other related information.

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What is Jharkhand E Pass?

It was started by the Jharkhand government in view of the increasing outbreak of Corona epidemic ( Covid-19 ). In which if someone has to travel a long distance from home by any vehicle, then it has been made mandatory for him to have an e-pass . Which the applicant can also apply online and keep it with him and follow the rules of Jharkhand government.

Required for Jharkhand e-pass-

  • First you have to register and then apply for E pass.
  • Applicant must have a mobile number.
  • Aadhar Card, Driving License, Voter Card, Passport etc.
  • One passenger in a two wheeler vehicle and not more than three passengers in a four wheeler vehicle.
  • The application process can also be done from mobile.
  • After applying online, take a print out and paste it in the vehicle.
  • The name of the traveler should be recorded in the pass.

How to register for Jharkhand E Pass?

  1. First of all open this link of Jharkhand E-pass official portal- https://epassjharkhand.nic.in/
  2. Select the E-Pass Type according to your journey and click on “Submit”.
  3. Then, click on Register Here or visit this link- ( Click )
  1. Enter the mobile number and re-enter the mobile number to confirm.
  2. Create a password that consists of at least 6 characters, one uppercase and one lowercase letter and a special character (@,%,# etc.).
  3. After that enter the Password and Confirm Password and click on “Submit”.

Note: At the time of registration, the registration is done successfully even without any OTP verification. That’s why we have not told the OTP Verify process. If you get the option of OTP Verification, then definitely verify it.

Apply for Jharkhand E Pass?

  1. First open this link of Jharkhand e-Pass official website- https://epassjharkhand.nic.in/public/index.php
  2. Login with your login ID and click on “Apply for e-Pass”.
  3. Then, select the District Name and select the E-Pass Type. After that click on “Save”.
  4. Now, a form will open in which fill the current address where it is.
  5. After that fill in the visiting address. where you want to go.
  6. Select the E-Pass category.
  7. Then, there will be two options in the Type of Journey. In which select from One Way and Visit and Return.
  8. After this select the date in “Request Schedule On”. The date on which you want to travel.
  9. In Request Schedule Upto, select the date on which the journey is going to end.
  10. Select the time under “Request Time On” and “Request Time Upto”. From what time to what time is the journey.
  11. Then, in the Type of Vehicle, select the two wheeler or four wheeler vehicle. The type of vehicle you are traveling in.
  12. After that select the number of people traveling.
  13. Then,Vehicle Registration No. Enter the vehicle number in
  14. After this, select all the “Declaration” by putting a check mark.
  15. Now click on “Agree & Proceed”. In this way e-pass will be created.
  16. To download the e-pass , click on the download e-pass section of the e-pass section .

What to do if you forgot the password?

If you have forgotten the login password of Jharkhand E Pass , then do not worry, you can know the password through Forget Password. For this follow the steps given below-

1. First of all go to this link of the official site-

Then, enter the mobile number which was entered at the time of registration and click on ‘Submit’.

3. After this OTP will come on the mobile number, verify it.

4. Now, after ‘OTP Verification’ you can get the password in SMS in the same number.

How to Change Profile Details?

If you want to create e-pass of others with the same user login id, then the user profile details have to be changed. But, the mobile number will not change. To change the user details, follow the following steps-

  • Open the official site and login with your ID.
  • Then, click on Profile and click on Personal Details.
  • After this fill the personal details like- Name, Date of Birth, Gender and Father name.
  • Enter the details of the address correctly and click on “Save”.
  • Now, click on Update ID of Profile section.
  • After this, select the ID Type and enter the ID No and “Save”.

Why the need of Jharkhand E-pass?

The havoc of Corona in the state of Jharkhand was initially very less. But as the corona patients increased across the country. The state of Jharkhand also gradually came under the grip of corona and the number of patients was increasing every day. In view of such a situation, the state government made E-pass mandatory along with the lockdown. That is, if someone is going out of the house by car, then first he will have to make an e-pass. But, gradually as the number of patients decreased, the E-pass system was closed. Now you don’t need a pass to go anywhere.

Q. Do all traveling people need to generate an e-Pass?

No, people doing any type of work have been given exemption by the Jharkhand government.

Q. What benefit will the government get from this move?

In this step effort of the government, the spread of corona can be reduced. Because with this step, people will go out of the house by making an e-pass only when there is an urgent need.

Q. Any kind of fee payment has to be done in making E-Pass online?

No, there is no need to make any kind of payment for making e-pass online. You can apply absolutely free.

Q. Can another e-pass be created with the same login ID?

Yes, for this the user’s profile has to be changed. On applying for a new pass to change, the changed details will be shown. Only the registered mobile number will not change.

Q. Why Jharkhand e Pass website is not opening?

Ever since having e-pass has become mandatory. Since then, it is seen at some times that the official website does not open at all. The direct reason for this is that the department is not paying attention to the maintenance of the website.

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