Jharsewa Jharkhand (Jharsewa Jharkhand) portal is very useful for all the residents of the state. Through which easily income, caste certificate, local certificate and any other type of certificate can be made online. If you are also thinking of making these certificates then the “ Jharsewa ” website will be useful for you. All certificates can be applied in two ways ‘Online’ and ‘Offline’.

Jharsewa Tracking

This post explains the major services available on Jharsewa ‘s website. For example- Application Apply Process, Jharsewa Tracking, Certificate Download, Certificate Status Check, Offline Application Form etc. Apart from this, information about other certificates made from Jharseva was also shared. So, to know the information related to Jharseva, definitely read this post till the end.

Q. Will I have to register in Jharsewa to see the status of the certificate?
It is not mandatory to register to check the status of the application. Status can be checked even without registration.

Q. Where to download income certificate, caste, local certificate?
You can download all these certificates from Jharsewa Portal, Digilocker App or Pragya Kendra / CSC Center.

Q. Can I download certificate from Jharsewa site?
Yes, if you have Reference No. And if the date is known, then you can download the certificate.

Q. Can Jharsewa be used to create a new certificate?
Yes, if you have the login ID of Jharseva, then you can apply for a new certificate.

Q. How many days can it take to generate income certificate ?
It may take around 10-25 days to generate income certificate.

Q. How many types of Jharsewa ID are there ?
The user of Jharseva gets two types of ID which includes Citizen ID and Kiosk ID.

Q. Is caste and domicile certificate required to be produced every year?
There is no need to make Caste and Residential Certificate every year.

Q. For how many days is the Income Certificate valid ?
It is valid only for 6 months, after which a new income proof has to be made.

What is Jharsewa Portal?

Jharseva is an official portal of the state which has been issued by the Government of Jharkhand. With the help of this portal, the work related to certificates is done online. Some examples include creating certificates of income, caste, local certificate, death, birth certificate and other types of certificates. Certificate status can also be checked and downloaded in Jharsewa . But, only when the certificate has been created online, it will be downloaded.

How to Login on Jharsewa Portal?

If you have registered in Jharseva Portal then now you have to login. Follow the below steps to login-

  • For this, first of all visit this link of the official website- Get Here
  • Then, enter the ‘Email ID’ and ‘Password’ that were created at the time of registering.
  • After this the “Captcha” code has to be filled correctly.
  • Now, click on the “Login” button.

What is the process to apply offline?

If an applicant wants to apply offline, then he has to fill the offline form first. After filling, you have to sign in the required space and pin all the documents which are required along with the form. After this submit it to your block / tehsil.

How to create Jharseva ID ?

If you want to create Jharsewa ID for free, then first you have to register in the portal. There are two types of Jharsewa ID ‘Citizen’ and ‘Kiosk ID’ available. The method given below is to create ‘Citizen ID’-

  1. First of all click on ‘Register Yourself’ button of the official website- https://jharsewa.jharkhand.gov.in/citizenRegistration.html
  2. Enter your ‘Name’ and ‘Email ID’.
  3. Mobile Number, if desired to be entered, otherwise leave blank.
  4. A password has to be created which is strong.
  5. Select your state and enter the “Captcha” code.
  6. Then, click on the button of “Submit”.

How to Apply Income Certificate?

If you want to make income certificate online, then first login with your ID on Jharsewa’s site. Then follow some of the following steps-

1. After login to the portal click on “Apply for Service”.

2. Then, click on “View All Available Service”.

3. After this all the services will be visible, click on ‘Issue of Income Certificate’.

4. A form will open which has to be filled like- Personal Details, Income Affidavit Details and

5. Authorization Details,Relation Details,Present Address,Permanent Address and Income Details आदि।

6. Click on “Yes” in RAS Declaration.

7. Select Apply to the Office according to the details of the applicant.

8. After this, enter the “Captcha” code in ‘Word Verification’ and then, click on “Submit”.

9. After this you will be able to see all the details of the applicant which have been filled. If something is wrong, edit it.

10. Then, click on ‘Attach Annexure’.

11. If the applicant has a Salary Slip, then select “Yes” otherwise leave it.

12. Upload the documents related to income in Income Related Affidavit.

13. Now, click on “Save Annexure” and “Submit”.

How to Download Certificate?

If you have applied for online certificate generation and it has been created then you can download online. You can download the certificate in any of the ways-

  • Jharsewa Portal (jharsewa.jharkhand.gov.in ) : Reference No. in Jharsewa Portal. And after filling the date, OTP will come in the registered mobile, after that the certificate can be downloaded after OTP verification.
  • DigiLocker: Online document collection is done on this. Through this also the certificate can be downloaded easily.
  • CSC Center / Pragya Center: If you are facing problem in downloading online by yourself. And if you are not able to download then visit your nearest CSC Center / Pragya Kendra.

Documents required to apply –

Certain documents are necessary in the application process of any certificate. Otherwise the application process will not be completed successfully. According to the certificate, different documents are also required. Below we have given a list of some documents. But, apart from these documents, if any other is needed, then definitely include-

  • application certificate form
  • Aadhar Card
  • Applicant’s passport size photograph
  • Affidavit
  • land documents
  • identity card
  • mobile number

Available Services in Jharsewa

Services of Jharsewa Portal are divided into two parts- (A) Certificate Services and (B) Social Security Pension Services. 

(A)  Certificate Services 

  • Income Certificate
  • Caste Certificate
  • Marriage Registration Certificate
  • Local Resident Certificate
  • Birth Certificate 
  • Asset and Income Certificate for EWS
  • Death Certificate

(B) Social Security Pension Services 

  • Old Age Pension Scheme
  • Disability Pension Scheme
  • Widow Pension Scheme

How to Application (Jharsewa Tracking) Status Check?

1. You first  visit  the official website of Jharsewa- https://jharsewa.jharkhand.gov.in/

2. फिर, “Know Status of Your Application (Tracking)” पर Click करें।

3. After this “Track Application Through Select” has to be done.

4. जिसमें दो Option होगा- (a) Through Application Reference Number और (b)Through OTP / Application Details

5. Select the first option one. Because sometimes the Second Option Error is seen. In which no option comes on clicking in Select Service. So choose the first option, and enter ‘Reference Number’.

6. Two options will be seen in Track Through which is- (a) Application Submission Date and (b) Application Delivery Date

7. Select any of these and fill in the date.

8. Then, in the ‘Word Verification’ you fill the ‘Characters Show’ that is happening. Then, click on “Submit”.

Password Reset from Jharsewa.jharkhand.gov.in

  1. First of all open this link of official site- www.jharsewa.jharkhand.gov.in/forgotPassword.html
  2. Then, Enter the Email ID in the Login ID and Enter the Captcha Code.
  3. After that click on “Submit”.
  4. Click on Verification Link for Verify in Email ID.
  5. Enter Login ID, New Password and Confirm Password.
  6. Again, enter the Captcha Code and click on “Submit”.

How to see the report of the application?

If you want to see the report. On what date the application was applied, how much application is pending and how many applications got approval. So you can check by following these steps-

  1. First open this page of Jharseva Jharkhand site- / Get Here /
  2. Select the date when you want to see.
  3. Then, there will be two options “Central” and “State” to choose from. (If you want to know only about any state, then select the state) If the state is selected, then select the department as well.
  4. Enter the “Captcha Code” and click on “Get Report”.

Contact Details of Jharsewa Department

  • Phone No: 0651-2401581, 2401040
  • Email ID: support.edistrict@jharkhandmail.gov.in
  • Address : JAP-IT, Ground Floor, Engineers Hostel No. 2,
    Near Golchakkar,Dhurwa, Ranchi- 834004
district namephone number
East Simbhum0657-2430170
Seraikela Kharsawan06597-234289
West Simbhum06582-256803

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