Q. Does the Central Government pay all the expenses of the Mid Day Meal Scheme?
No, apart from the central government, the state government also spends some work like transportation, labour
, arranging etc.

Q. Do children get only food under the scheme?
Apart from nutritional food, other food items are also given to the children. Food items are provided to the children on the basis of the menu.

Q. What is the full form of MDM?
The full form of MDM is “Mid Day Meal”.

MDM Portal login Process scheme information
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MDM Portal login Process scheme information

MDM Portal (Mid Day Meal) which is for the Mid Day Meal Scheme of India. Mid Day Meal is a scheme launched by the Central Government. Under which there is a provision to provide food to children in government schools located in all the states. This scheme has been started in various states. The website for this scheme has been released by the Government of Madhya Pradesh which is also known as ‘ MDM Portal ‘. Information about Mid-Day Meal and MDM Portal has been shared in this post.

What is MDM Portal?

Under the Mid-Day Meal Scheme, the Madhya Pradesh State Government provides mid-day meals to the children studying in government schools, anganwadis of the state. The government has also released a portal named ‘ MDM Portal ‘ to make the scheme accessible to more people and simplify the information.

Mid Day Meal Scheme has been started in 1995. At the beginning of this scheme, only the children studying in classes 1 to 5 were given food. But, now the students up to class 8 (Middle School) are also given nutritious food. The children who go to the Anganwadi centre of the village are also given nutritious food by the sevika. If you are a government employee of Madhya Pradesh state then probably IFMS MP Treasury Portal will also be of use to you.

Objective of the scheme-

Even today the literacy rate in India is up to 75%. The literacy rate of many states is very low. In view of this problem, the Central Government has started the Mid Day Meal Scheme. Even small children of the village should be interested in going to school. There is a time when the child comes to know that they will get delicious food and other food items when they go to school. In such a situation, the child is interested in going to school even if he does not want to go to school. Due to this, the children get hungry in the afternoon and the child likes to come to school every day. Apart from this, it is the endeavour of the government that all the children get nutritious nutritious food items and food.

How to login MDM Portal?

  1. First of all go to this link of official site- http://mdm.mp.gov.in/Login/Pages/sLogin.aspx
  2. Then, type ‘User Name’ and ‘Password’.
  3. After that enter the captcha code and click on the “Login” button.

How to View District Wise Progress?

  1. Firstly the user has to go to this link of the official portal- http://mdm.mp.gov.in/Public/Reports/District_Summary.aspx
  2. Then, select the month, district name and school / Anganwadi type.
  3. Now, click on the ‘View District Wise Progress’ button.

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