Q. Can the college be filled only through offline form?
You can fill out the online form from the online chancellor portal, but the offline form of admission has to be submitted to the college.

Q. Can students see college notices from the official website?
No, to know the new notice, you can see from the notice board of the college itself.

Q. Is there a facility for online fee payment for admission in college?
No, the fee payment has to be paid in cash.

Q. Is the exam taken in the college online also?
No, till now all the exams in the college have been taken offline only.

Q. What is the full form of PPK?
The full form of PPK is Panch Pargana Kisan.

Q. Five Parganas Kisan College comes under which university?
PPK College comes under Ranchi University. And the college exam question paper is prepared by Ranchi University itself.

Q. What is the NCC course and what is the full form of NCC?
This is the National Cadet Corps in India, in which military training is given to the student. The full form of NCC is National Cadet Core.

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PPK College Bundu (Panch Pargana Kisan College Bundu) is a famous college in the Panchpargana region. Every year thousands of students take admission to this college. The Faculty of Science, Commerce and Arts is taught in the college. It is also known as “ PPK College Bundu ”.

If you want to take admission in this college or have taken admission, then definitely read this post. Intermediate and undergraduate courses are still available in Panch Parganas Kisan College Bundu. Postgraduate courses are going to start only after a few years. To know the new information about the college, definitely visit the college daily.

PPK College Bundu

If you are from the five Parganas region then you must have heard the name of PPK College. This college is located in Bundu of Ranchi district. Which is the famous college in the nearby area. Admission can be taken in science, commerce and arts courses in the college. Every year scholarship is also given to the student in the college. 

The college comes under Ranchi University. The college has more students from five Parganas areas. NCC course is also available in the college. Every Sunday for the NCC course, practice is conducted in the college.

How to take admission in PPK College?

It is very easy to take admission in Panch Parganas College Bundu. If you are thinking of enrolling in college. So first of all know the admission process in the college. You can enrol in the college by following some of the following steps-

  • First, when you know that admission is taking place in the college, then take the admission form from the college.
  • Fill the form correctly and paste the required documents with the form.
  • Get No-Dues from the concerned department and submit it to the college along with the admission fee.

What to do to get scholarship from college?

Every year all the students of the college are given scholarships by the Jharkhand Welfare Department. The benefit of which is available to all the students of the college. If you have taken admission in Panch Parganas Kisan College and want to fill out the scholarship form? So follow these following steps-

  1. First of all go to college and take Bonafide Certificate.
  2. Fill the online e-Kalyan form and take a print out of the form.
  3. After this, get the print out form signed in the college.
  4. Then, upload all the required documents in the e-Kalyan portal.
  5. Then, the photocopy of the e-welfare form has to be submitted to the college.

How to pay exam fee online?

If you are a college student, then you must have done the fee online payment process at some point or the other. Ever since the semester system has been introduced in the undergraduate course. Since then, fees have to be paid for every semester exam. If you want to deposit semester exam fees online, then follow these steps-

  • 1. First click on this link of Ranchi University- https://www.ranchi-uni.com/FeePayment
  • 2. Select the college name, course, session and semester.
  • 3. Then, Roll No / Registration No. and click on “Fetch Details”.
  • 4. After this the details of the student will appear like- Name, Roll No etc.
  • 5. Then, click on “Pay” for fee payment.
  • 6. You can use card or net banking to make payment.

Note: Does not accept all cards while making payment. So keep in mind that see the payment failed or successful. If payment is failing then try to pay with another card.

How to check your result?

If you have given an exam test at Five Parganas Kisan College then you can check your result in two ways. By the way, nowadays the result of all semester exams is released online on the website of Ranchi University. Apart from this, there is also a WhatsApp group in which the latest news is shared. The resulting notice can be seen on the notice board of the college. To see the cross-list contact the HOD of your department.

What to do if you fail in semester exam?

If you have failed any semester exam. In this case, you will have to re-appear for the exam. First of all, check the cross-list and know in which subject you have failed. After this, whenever there is a semester exam of students with sessions less than one year from your session. You also have to write the exam in the semester in which you have failed.

Contribution of Five Parganas Kisan College in education-

The contribution of Panch Parganas College in education is very high. Because there is only one college in the five Parganas areas in which education is up to graduation. At present, if there was no PPK College, then the student of these areas would have to go to another city to get the degree. But all the students would be unable to go to the city and study. And the studies would stop in the middle.

But, due to being a five Parganas farmer college, the number of students in the college is increasing every year. Students from all the nearby villages take admission to this college. And fulfilling his dream by getting a degree.

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