Do you want to join RNFI (Relipay) company? Before joining, you should know what is the service of the person you are joining. Perhaps you must have heard the name “ RNFI ” before. If you are thinking of joining RNFI, then this post is going to be very special for you. In this post, complete information about RNFI company and all its available services has been given. In this article, related questions from the company such as getting login ID, what to do after getting the ID, money withdrawal, cheque, PAN card, Aadhaar Pay, recharge and all other available services have been mentioned.


Note: The information given here is not shared for any kind of promotional purpose. In this post, we have told what happened to us in the process of getting Retailer ID. We have shared the experience only after getting the ID.

What is RNFI?

This is an Online Services Provider Company. The name of the company is RNFI Services Private Limited. It is also known as “ ReliPay ”. This company was started in 2015. After a few years, it became very popular. People started believing in this company and started connecting with it continuously. In today’s time, there are thousands of customers all over India.

The company had the most focus on AEPS service. Today has become one of the Best AEPS Service Provider companies. The company is associated with ICICI Bank which is used for work-related to AEPS. Right now this company has become the Most Trusted Company. If you also want to join then you can easily join.

How to Get the id of RNFI?

You can get an RNFI ID in two ways. For example, if there is a person around your area who is connected to RNFI. And if he is a Distributor or Master Distributor, then you can easily get the Retailer ID from him. Because any distributor wants to make more and more retailers. So that he can get more commission. But, if there is no such thing to be found in your areas. So you can call on RNFI Customer Care Number which is absolutely free. You call in the number of Customer Care. And said that I want to join RNFI and I need ID.

If you want the ID of the Retailer, then say I want the ID of the Retailer. If the ID of the distributor is required, then ask for the ID of the distributor. After this, they will ask you for some important documents. Then after verifying the documents, payment will have to be made. In which “Retailer Id” will cost Rs. 500 will have to be charged. Which has to be paid online.

What to do after getting an RNFI ID?

What to do after getting RNFI ID

When you get the RNFI ID, you will have to log in to the RNFI’s mobile app or website. Log in with the username and password you have received. Then you will have to create a new password. You make a strong password. Now RNFI Login with Username and New Password. Then, OTP verification has to be done. Verify the OTP will come in your mobile. And after login, the Dashboard will look like this-

RNFI Login Process on Device:

#1 log in on Web Portal (Website)

  1. First of all open this link of official site-
  2. After that enter Username and Password.

  1. Check the Terms and Conditions and click on “Login”.
  2. Verify by entering the OTP code in the registered mobile and login to the web portal.

#2 log in on Mobile App

  1. First, install and open RNFI’s mobile app from Google Play Store .
  2. Enter Username and Password and click on Login.
  3. Then, OTP will come in the registered mobile number, enter it and after verifying OTP you can login successfully.

Cash Withdrawal through RNFI?

  1. First open RNFI’s App or Website.
  2. Login with your User ID and Password.
  3. Then, click on “AEPS Withdraw”.
  4. After this, select Aadhar Number, Mobile Number, Amount and Bank.
  5. You can write Balance Check in the description.
  6. Then, put a check mark in I Agree and click on “Submit”.

Note: Before withdrawing money, check whether the finger scanner is connected or not.

Available Services on RNFI

  • AEPS
  • Mobile Recharge
  • DTH Recharge
  • Mini Statement
  • PAN
  • Customer Hisaab 
  • DMT
  • ATM / Micro ATM
  • Utility Bill Payment
  • Air Ticket Booking
  • Railway Ticket Booking
  • ICICI Bank Cash Deposit 
  • Credit Card 
  • Hotel Booking 
  • Insurance

AEPS (Aadhaar Enabled Payment System): You must be aware that money can also be withdrawn from an Aadhar card. Simply, the Aadhar card should be linked with the bank passbook. So money withdrawal can be done by fingerprint. When a user withdraws money from his bank account with the help of an Aadhar card. So the process is done by AEPS System. In this, the user’s Aadhar card number is needed and Finger Scan has to be done. With which the withdrawal of money and the amount of money can be checked. In the first, a charge has to be paid to activate this service in RNFI.  

But, after the initial activation, any customer in RNFI can check the balance of a bank only once a day. If for some reason the customer’s balance is not checked in two times. So for a few hours, you cannot check that customer again. The customer can check the balance again only after a few hours. But as your ID is old, then you can check unlimited balance.

Mobile Recharge: With this service, you can easily recharge mobiles, in which Airtel, BSNL, MTNL, Jio Reliance etc. are the major operator companies. But, to recharge mobile, there should be money in RNFI Wallet only then you will be able to recharge.

What is the recharge process of mobile?

1. First select the Operator Name.

2. Then, enter “Mobile Number” and “Amount”.

3. Then, click on “Submit”.

DTH Recharge:  With this, you can recharge any customer’s DTH. Which includes Airtel Digital TV, TATA Sky, Dish TV, Videocon D2H etc. In which you will also get commission and the customer can also take appropriate additional charge according to his own.

What is the recharge process of DTH?

  • Select “Operator Name” in the first.
  • Then, fill in “CA Number” and “Amount”.
  • Now, click on “Submit”.

Mini Statement: Mini statement is also very useful. When a customer wants to see the transactions done from his bank account. In such a situation, the mini statement can be checked by taking it out.

PAN (Permanent Account Number):  Under this service, you can create a PAN card for yourself or any customer. In which the PAN card will reach home within 7 to 20 days. There will be a charge to activate this service. Which will be around Rs.1000/- + GST ​​charge payment.

Customer Hisaab (Hisaab Book): Through this, when the withdrawal limit of the month is exhausted, then up to Rs 10000 can be withdrawn from it per day. Normally, a customer’s money withdrawal from AEPS is done only four times in a month, but you can withdraw money up to 10,000 / – daily from any customer through Aadhar Pay.

How to Activate Aadhar Pay (Hisab Book)?

If you are an RNFI user and your ID has not yet been activated on Aadhaar. So you can activate this service even in 24 hours. It would probably be known that even after withdrawing the limit per month through Aadhaar Pay, the customer’s money can be withdrawn. To activate this service, first call customer care. Then a request has to be made to activate it on Aadhaar. After this, the Service Activation Charge payment will have to be made and within 24-48 hours the Aadhar Pay Service will be activated.

DMT (Domestic Money Transfer):  With this, you can do a Domestic Money Transfer easily. In which a 1% charge may be applied.

What is the process of DMT? 

  • First enter the Mobile Number / Account Number.
  • फिर,First Name,Last Name,Date of Birth और “Address” को भरे।
  • Verify the OTP and click on “Submit”.

ATM / Micro ATM: With this service, you can keep an ATM in your shop. If a customer wants to use ATM, he can easily do so. You can also charge extra for this. Due to this, you will also benefit and the customer will also get the facility of ATM by paying some charges. For this, you have to place an order in the company for ATM. In which you will have to pay the money for the machine and the ATM will be delivered to your address.

Utility Bill Payment: With this service, you can pay any bill like – the electricity bill, water, DTH bill, gas etc. This is a Paid Service, to “Activate” it will also have to be charged. 

Air Ticket Booking: 

With the help of this service, you can do flight booking. In which it can be done for One Way and Round. In which attractive commission can also be found.

Railway Ticket Booking: With this service, you can easily book railway tickets. To use it, it will also have to be “Activated” first. 

ICICI Bank Cash Deposit:  If you want to deposit cash in ICICI Bank, then you can do it through this portal. 

Credit Card:  If you want to take a credit card then you can take it. In which you will get the credit card of ICICI Bank. 

Hotel Booking: A hotel booking service is also available in this. In which room booking can be done for own or another customer in different types of hotels.

Insurance:  With this service, you can deposit any type of insurance money. For example- Life Insurance, Motor, Health, Mosquito Insurance and Two Wheeler Insurance etc. are included.

Sales Helpdesk
RNFI Customer Care No011 4604 7979Email sales@rnfiservices.comHead Office Phone Number011 4920 7777Email Idsupport@rnfiservices.comAddress (Head Office)Plot No.30,3rd Floor, Najafgarh Road Industrial Area, New Delhi– 110015.

Q. What is RNFI?
RNFI is an online payment service provider company such as Recharge, AEPS, Bill Payment, Ticket Booking etc.

Q. What to do if there is any kind of technical problem?
If there is any problem then you can immediately contact the contact details of RNFI. Apart from this, you can also ask the person who has provided you with the ID.

Q. What to do if money gets stuck due to some reason?
If your money gets stuck, wait for some time. Sometimes money gets stuck due to server down, but it gets fixed after some time.

Q. By what name is Aadhaar Pay known in RNFI?
Aadhaar Pay is named as Customer Account and Account Book in RNFI.

Q. What is the charge deducted in the withdrawal of money from the account book?
Although there is a commission on withdrawing from AePS, in Hisaab Book it is the opposite which means a charge has to be paid in it.

Q. Should I start working on commission only?
No company gets much commission whether it is RNFI or other. But to increase your income, definitely take extra charge from the customer.

Company Name RNFI Services Private Ltd (ReliPay)
Company Type Private 
Services AEPS,Recharge,PAN card,Ticket booking,bill pay etc.
Head Office New Delhi
Regional Office Patna 
AEPS Service Provider Bank ByICICI Bank
Official website |

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