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SBI Gyanodaya is issued by the State Bank of India. Which is a special portal for the employees of the State Bank of India. Through which employees can get change details of new banking services. If you also use or want to use “ SBI Gyanodaya ”, then this post can probably be helpful for you. So, read this post completely.

Can one get the certificate under SBI Gyanodaya?

Yes, the employee will get the certificate under this. Which can be used for promotion.

Is this scheme for everyone?

No, only issued for the employee of SBI (State Bank of India).

What is SBI Gyanodaya?

State Bank of India started this to deliver new banking updates to the employees. So that the employee can easily get the new changes and other information.

What is required to use SBI Gyanodaya Portal?

User ID and Password are required to use the SBI Gyanodaya service.

How many educational centres and apex institutes does SBI have across the country?

There are around 47 learning centres and 5 top institutes are available all over the country.

What to do if there is any problem related to Gyanodaya?

If there is any problem related to enlightenment, then you should talk to your higher officer or the concerned department.

What is SBI Gyanodaya e-learning Portal?

It is a portal issued by the State Bank of India. In which the employees of State Bank of India are issued the details of the bank related rules or changes in banking service. So that employees can get to know about all types of banking updates and get information about banking services. Apart from this, the certificate is also available. Which can be used for promotion.

Benefits of SBI Gyanodaya E-learning Portal-

This also benefits the banking system and employees of SBI. The main benefits are as follows-

  • This will strengthen the banking service system of SBI.
  • Employees of State Bank of India get banking information under this.
  • SBI in providing maximum best banking service to its customers.
  • Under this certificate is obtained. Which will make it easier for the employee to get promotion.
  • It will be easy for State Bank of India to make its latest updates accessible to all the employees.

How to Login to SBI Gyanodaya? 

You must have a login ID to log in to SBI Gyanodaya. If you do not have an ID, get it from the concerned department. If you have an ID, then you can log in by following these steps-

  1. First of all go to the official portal of SBI Gyanodaya.
  2. Then,  click on SBI e-Learning Login  .
  3. Enter User ID and Password.
  4. Then, click on “Sign In”.

What is e-Learning Certificate and how to get it?

State Bank of India has launched SBI Gyanodaya e-Learning to make banking services simple and good. Under this, when the employee completes the course. And if he is successful in the test exam, he is given a certificate. Which is more useful especially at the time of promotion of the employee.

Promotion Type Certificate

employee levelpromotional levelCertificate Required
Award StaffExecutive OfficerCP Associate Certification
Scale 1 OfficersScale 2RBI Mandated and External
Scale 2,3,4,5 OfficersScale 3,4,5,6RBI Mandated and External

SBI Gyanodaya Training Process-

Special training and skill enhancement programs are run by SBI. This includes a training program of up to 2 years. Some areas such as General Banking, Credit, Investment Banking, Rural Banking and IT are covered during the training.

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