Spice Money (Spice Money) is a fast-growing various online service provider company in India. With which you can also join and take advantage of their service easily. Spice Money has major services like AEPS, Mobile Recharge, Spice ATM, Money Transfer, Booking, Spice Money PAN Card, GAS, Electricity Bill and other services are available. If you want to join Spice Money? So by joining easily, you can take advantage of their service. In this post, information related to what is Spice Money?, the Spice Money Login Process and all other services of the company has been given.

Spice Money kee AePS service ko use karna sikhen

Spice Money

What is Spice Money?

Spice Money is a digital banking and financial service provider company. Which is known for various types of service. Banking services like money withdrawal, Balance Enquiry, Settlement etc. to the customer especially through Aadhar card. It is mandatory to have a login ID to use Spice Money’s service. You can use its service only if you have “ Spice Money Login ID ”. Login ID can be obtained in an easy way. After that, you can start your own business.

How much is the charge for making a PAN card with Spice Money?

At the time of making the PAN card, Rs 107 is deducted from the wallet. So you can charge your customer separately.

Which are the associate banks of Spice Money?

Spice Money uses Induslnd Bank, Yes Bank and RBL Bank for banking operations. Which is also used for AEPS service.

In how many days does it reach home after making a PAN card with Spice Money?

In how many days will the PAN card reach home? It has no fixed day. But, around 10-25 days can reach home.

How many times balance inquiry of any customer can be done?

The bank balance of any customer can be done more than once a day continuously.

What is the charge to be paid in AEPS Settlement?

Yes, AEPS Settlement charges up to Rs.5 for up to Rs.25000 and up to Rs.10 for more than Rs.25000.

What certificate can I get from Spice Money?

Yes, when you join Spice Money, you can download any type of certificate.

Can anyone select anyone in the Commission Chart?

Absolutely, whenever you want, you can activate from all the three available charts.

How much is the Spice Money Mini Statement service charged?

If a customer’s mini statement is withdrawn, then a service charge of up to Rs.3.25 is levied from the customer’s bank account.

What is Spice Money? And what are its services?

Spice Money is an online payment service provider company. In which any type of service is available, such as AEPS, PAN card, recharge, bill payment etc.

Spice Money dwara apne grahak ke liye PAN Card

How to login in Spice Money?

If you have an agent login ID of Spice Money, then you can access all the services by login in to Spice Money official website or mobile app. Below are two ways of Spice money login, which can be easily login by following-

# log in to the website-

  1. First of all open this link of official website- https://b2b.spicemoney.com/loginPageLogin 
  2. Then, enter ‘User ID’ and ‘Password’.
  3. Check mark I Agree and click on “Login”.
  4. After this OTP will come in the registered mobile number, enter it.
  5. Now, click on “Submit” and login successfully.

# Login to Mobile App-

  1. For this, first install Spice Money’s official app from Google Play Store- Visit Now
  2. Then, User ID (Adhikari ID) and Password have to be entered.
  3. Check mark I Agree to the Terms & Conditions. And click on “Login”.
  4. After this OTP will come in the registered mobile number, which will be verified automatically.

How to get Spice Money ID?

If you want to take Spice Money ID, then you can take it in two ways. First, you can contact any distributor. And the second way is the easiest and best. For this, you can register on Spice Money’s official site. After the completion of registration, after a few hours or days, you will get a call on your mobile number. In which you will have to introduce yourself. After this, some documents will have to be sent to them.

After that, you have to pay money. Which will be asked for an ID charge. This charge depends on your ID, whose ID you are taking, as the price of Agent ID will be less, the amount of Distributor’s ID and Master Distributor’s ID will be more. We had to pay fifteen hundred rupees for the Agent ID. In which all services can be activated.

How to register for Spice Money ID?

To register, visit Spice Money‘s official site and click on Join Now. After that follow this step-

  1. First, type “First Name” and “Last Name”.
  2. Then, ‘Email ID’ and ‘Mobile No.’ Fill the
  3. Enter the “Pin Code” of your address. Then write the name ‘City’ and ‘State’.
  1. Enter the PAN Card Number and upload the PAN Card by photographing it.
  2. In Proof of Address, you can choose Aadhar Card, Voter Card, Passport, Nrega or Driver License and upload it.
  3. After this a photo which is new has to be uploaded.
  4. Now, select the service you are interested in and finally click on “Submit”.

What is the process after registration? 

If you have submitted in Spice Money for registration. After this, after the call comes from the company, some documents will be asked from you. Which you have to send in Whatsapp. Which will be the following types of documents-

  • New Selfie Photo 
  • PAN Card 
  • Aadhar Card 
  • KYC Video Clip 
  • Signature 
  • Registration Charge (Online Payment)

Spice Money AEPS Commission

Spice Money pays a good commission to its agents. Which get different commissions according to different services. If an agent withdraws money, he is paid a commission which varies depending on the amount of withdrawal. Apart from this, the agent also gets commission in the work of recharge, ticket booking, PAN card, ATM service, bill payment etc.

Note: The commission chart of Cash Withdrawal is changed by the company from time to time. So it would be better than you are login and see the New Commission chart.

Key Features of Spice Money-

  • Balance Inquiry in Spice Money can be done more than once in a day.
  • Cash Withdrawal SMS can be sent to the customer’s mobile number.
  • VLE ID is available for PAN card in Spice Money.
  • For transferring wallet money up to twenty five thousand in the bank, only five rupees are charged.
  • Attractive and high commission is also available in Spice Money.
  • In case of any problem, assistance can be taken from the customer care.
  • You can choose the option of Commission Chart located according to you in Spice Money.
  • Money can be withdrawn from Aadhaar Pay service even after month limit withdrawal.

How to bank transfer Spice Money money?

If you have money in your wallet and want to send it to your bank, then you can easily send it. But, this will incur some charge which will be deducted from the wallet. Money Transfer in IMPS Rs. 25000/- up to Rs. Rs.5 on money transfers up to Rs.25,000 and up to Rs.2 lakh. A charge of Rs 10 will be deducted.

  1. First of all login with your ID and click on “AEPS Settlement”.
  2. Enter money in Enter Amount and select IMPS in Transfer Mode / NEFT if the bank wants to send Fast.
  3. If you want to change the bank, then add the account by clicking on “Change”. Otherwise, leave the bank which is already added.
  4. Then, click on “Transfer”.

Note: If you enter the total amount of the wallet, then the transfer will not happen. Therefore, transfer only after leaving five to ten rupees in the wallet. Because the transfer charge is deducted from the wallet itself.

How to withdraw money from Aadhar card?

1. First of all open Spice Money’s App or Official website.

2. Click on “Cash Withdraw” of the AEPS Section. Then, select “Bank”.

3. Enter the Aadhar card number and mobile number of the customer.

4. After this, do ‘Aadhaar Consent’ on Accept (√).

5. Then, click on “Scan To Check Balance”.

Note: If the customer does not have a mobile number, then his own mobile number can also be entered.

How to Verify eKYC of RBL Bank?

If you use Spice Money, then you must be seeing repeated notification of RBL e-KYC Verification. After verifying which the notice will stop coming. To do RBL e-KYC verification, use the method given below-

  • First of all login to Spice Money and go to RBL e-KYC Notification.
  • Then, fill the Aadhar Number, Date of Birth, Gender etc. and click on “Submit”.
  • After this scan the finger and complete the Biometric Verify.
  • Then, all the details can be seen whose Biometric Verified.
  • Enter the mobile number and click on “Send”. Then verify the OTP.
  • Then, check mark the Terms and Conditions and click on “Submit”.

Spice Money’s main service list-

Spice Money provides any type of service. Which is very easy to use. Some services are as follows –

  • AEPS Service 
  • Mobile Recharge 
  • Flight Booking 
  • PAN Card Service
  • Atm (Spice ATM) 
  • Mini Statement 
  • DMT 
  • Aadhar Pay
  • DTH Recharge 
  • Hotel Booking
  • Electricity Bill Pay
  • Life Insurance 
  • Gas, Water, Fastag, Cable TV and others.

Available Service Short Details

  • AEPS Service: Spice Money’s AEPS service is very good. With this service, you can easily do money withdrawal, balance check and mini statement etc. Balance check of any customer can be done more than once in a day.
  • Mobile Recharge: If you want to recharge mobile then you can do it easily. In which you will also get some percent discount. This discount will be available according to the SIM. When you recharge, the money will be deducted from the wallet.
  • Flight Booking: Flight booking can also be done with Spice Money and commission is also available.
  • PAN Card: Many people make PAN card these days. You will also be able to make PAN card of anyone easily. Spice Money also provides ID for PAN card for free. PAN card can be generated instantly from the VLE ID of the UTI portal.
  • Spice ATM: If you want to have ATM facility in your own shop, then you can place order with Spice Money. But for this you will have to pay the charge of the ATM machine. Which will have to be paid at the time of ordering once.
  • Mini Statement: If you want to get a mini statement of yourself or a customer, then you can easily get it out. For this, charge will have to be paid for every mini statement. The charge for this is Rs. 3.25 Charges will be deducted from the bank. This charge is same in both Spice Money and RNFI .

What is the process of Mini Statement?

  1. First of all click on Mini Statement of Spice Money Dashboard.
  2. You have to select the name of the bank and fill the Aadhar number, mobile number.
  3. After this, “Accept” the Aadhar Consent. Then, click on “Proceed”.
  • DMT Service: The full form of DMT is Domestic Money Transfer. If you want to transfer money then you can do it through DMT.
  • Aadhaar Pay: With the help of Aadhaar Pay, you can withdraw more money even after the withdrawal limit of the month. Apart from this, cash withdrawal can be done easily even after the withdrawal from the daily AEPS is over.
  • DTH Recharge: Even today in many homes, families entertain with DTH. But you can not watch more channels, good movies and serials than free service. That’s why we have to recharge DTH and take Paid Subscription.
  • Hotel Booking: If you want to make hotel booking, then you can do it easily. It also gives good commission.
  • Electricity Bill Pay: If you want to deposit electricity bill, then you can easily deposit electricity bill online. Consumers will be able to make electricity bill payment by entering their details.
  • Life Insurance: If you deposit life insurance, then it can be easily deposited by Spice Money.
  • Others: Apart from this, you can use any other service in Spice Money. Like- Fastag, Water, Gas, Cable etc.

How to Activate on Aadhar?

With the help of Aadhaar Pay, money can be withdrawn even after the cash withdrawal limit of the month. To start this service, first, contact the customer care number of Spice Money. After this appeal to activate the service. Follow whatever rules are told, but if you have done business of more than three lakhs in the last few months, then you can start on Aadhaar.

How to Check Earnings and Monthly Transaction?

  • 1. First open Spice Money’s website or app.
  • 2. Click on the link written again, Earnings.
  • 3. Now, you can see Earnings and Transaction wise by Daily, Weekly and Monthly.

Contact Details of Spice Money Company

General Query 
Customer Care No.0120 5077786
Travel Helpline01205077785
Email IDcustomercare@spicemoney.com
AddressNoida, India
Time7:00 AM to 11:00 PM
PPI Query 
Phone No.91 120 3986786, +91 120 5077786
Time7:00 AM to 11:00 PM
Email IDppicare@spicemoney.com

How to check Transaction History?

  • First of all, Spice mobile or site has to be opened.
  • Click on the link written in the menu of the website.
  • Now, you can see the history of AEPS, DMT, Recharge etc. In which the option of filtering is also available.

Call (120) 3986786 earn monthly 25k to 50k

Sikhen Spice Money mATM par transaction karna

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