E Uparjan was launched for the farmers of Jharkhand state. In which the work of buying paddy from different areas of the state by the government at a good price is done. If you are a farmer and want to sell paddy at a good price? Then selling paddy in the MSP centre is a good option. So, in this post, information about the planning and working of E-procurement Jharkhand has been given.

Every year the product paddy is bought by the farmer by the Jharkhand government. In which the government buys at a price higher than the market rate. In this article, some important tasks like how to register a farmer, how to find a Farmer ID, check the farmer’s name list and other related information have been shared.

Overview of E Uparjan Jharkhand Portal 2022

From where can farmers do online registration?

Farmer’s registration can be done online with the help of the ‘E Uparjan’ portal and ‘Bazaar App’.

What should be done before taking the paddy to Lampas centre?

Before taking your paddy to the paddy centre, talk to the officials there. Only then take the paddy.

What to do if someone’s mobile number is lost or out of service?

If the farmer registered mobile number is out of service due to any reason. He has to change his mobile number. But, to change online, OTP has to be verified.

What to do if SMS will not come in the mobile of a farmer?

If the farmer does not get SMS, then he should contact the nearest paddy centre and get the information.

What is the full form of MSP?

The full form of MSP is ‘Minimum Support Price’.

Is the registration of the farmer mandatory?

Yes, the farmer has to register. And the farmer is informed through SMS in the registered mobile number.

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What is E Uparjan Jharkhand?

E Uparjan Jharkhand portal has been released by the Jharkhand government for the farmers. In which we can sell paddy to the farmers of Jharkhand at a reasonable price. In which the purchase of paddy from different areas of Jharkhand is completed through the lamps of the block.

Farmers can register online or through the block. For more information contact the nearest Lamps Manager.

What is the whole process of its planning?

If you want to take advantage of this initiative of the government, then it will have to complete its process. Only then can you get profit. Some important points which have to be fulfilled are as follows-

  1. Paddy should be available in proper quantity with the farmer.
  2. The farmer will have to register in the procurement.
  3. Details of land and details of paddy produce will have to be given.
  4. SMS will be sent to the registered mobile number.
  5. The farmer has to deposit the paddy at the center or lamp.
  6. After selling the paddy, a receipt will be given to the farmer.
  7. The payment will be made on the bank account of the farmer within seven days.

Farmers benefit from E Uparjan purchase-

Farmers get the following benefits from this scheme –

  • The farmer gets a higher price for paddy.
  • Farmers can sell paddy in large quantities.
  • Getting a higher price than the shops in the market.
  • Selling paddy easily.

How to register farmer?

If a farmer wants to sell paddy through E-procurement , then he will have to register. In which Farmer ID is made available to the farmer. If any farmer wants to register. So you can do it easily by following some easy steps-

  1. First of all open the registration link of the official website of E Uparjan Jharkhand- Visit Now
  2. The name of the district has to be selected.
  3. Then, Name, Mobile No and Aadhar No. Fill it up
  4. Enter Password and ‘Confirm Password’.
  1. Put a check mark in the I Agree box and click on “Submit”.
  2. After that login and click on Details button.
  3. Then, two options will appear – Fill Details and Land Details
  4. After filling all the details of Fill Details click on Submit. After this you will get the Framer ID.
  5. Now, at last fill the land details and click on “Update”.

How to Check Farmers ID List 2022

If you want to see the name and Farmers ID of a farmer, then you can easily see it by following a few steps-

  1. First of all go to Farmer List of E-Uparjan Jharkhand site- Visit Now
  2. Then, Select District, Block, Panchayat and Village Name.
  3. Now, click on “Search”. After this the names and IDs of all the farmers will appear.

How to change mobile number?

If any farmer wants to change mobile number. So you can change the mobile number by following the following steps-

  1. First open this link for e-procurement- https://uparjan.jharkhand.gov.in/MobileUpdate.aspx
  2. And fill the Farmer ID. Then, click Find.
  3. Farmer’s name and already registered mobile number will appear.
  4. Click on Edit. After this OTP will come in the already registered mobile number.
  5. Enter “New Mobile Number” and “OTP”.
  6. And click on “Update” button.

How to Login on E Uparjan Portal

  1. Open this link of Official Site- https://uparjan.jharkhand.gov.in/FarmerLogin.aspx
  2. After that enter ‘Mobile No’ or ‘Email ID’.
  3. Enter the password. created at the time of registration.
  4. Enter the correct Captcha code and click on login.

f you forget the password, reset the password-

  • 1. First of all visit this link of procurement Jharkhand site- Visit Now
  • 2. Select from Miller / MSP Center in User Type. Out of which you have login ID.
  • 3. Select the District Name and Select User option and click on ‘Submit’ button.
  • 4. After this ‘OTP’ will come in the registered mobile number, enter it.
  • 5. Create new password and confirm password and click on “Submit”.

How to View Farmer’s Payment Details?

If a farmer has sold paddy in the paddy centre. and wants to see the payment details of the money. So you can also see from the portal of e-Uparjan. To see it follow some steps below-

  1. First open this link of official site- hVisit Now
  2. Enter the Farmers ID of the farmer. And click on “Search”.
  3. OTP will come in the registered mobile number. Enter the OTP in the box.
  4. Then, click on “Submit”.

Note: If you are not able to verify the OTP due to any reason, then refresh the page and then enter the Farmer ID.

Find details of registered farmer-

If the farmer has registered, then all the necessary details like- name, father’s name, address, light number, registration date, mobile number, MSP centre and payment details etc. can be seen.

  • For this, click on the first view payment link.
  • Then enter “Farmer ID” and click on “Search”.
  • After this Farmer ID, Name, Mobile No., Expected Quantity etc. will appear.
  • But, click on the link written “Farmer ID”. Now, all the details of the farmer will be visible.

How to contact Lampus?

If you want to ask the head of the lamp some questions or get new information, go to the nearest lamp. Apart from this, the mobile number of the online lamp manager can also be known. For this, you have to follow the steps given below-

  1. First go to this link of Jharkhand procurement site- Visit Now
  2. Then, select the district. After this, the name and mobile number of the head of all MSP centers will also appear.

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