Upstox is one of the top brokers in India today. Do you also want to invest your money in the share market? In the share market, people earn and lose lakhs of rupees every day. Especially the new people who come in this field, they do more harm. There are all broker companies present in India, one of them is Upstox.

Which provides the facility to invest in Stock Buy / Sell, Mutual Funds, IPO and Digital Gold etc. In this post, what is Upstox? How to make money from it, its profit and loss, how to use it? Related topics are included. If you want to open an account in Upstox, then you can easily open the account by clicking on the link below.

Upstox Account Opening Process Step by Step 2022

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How to Open Upstox FREE Demat

What is Upstox?

It is one of the top stock market broker companies in India. Which was earlier known as RKSV Securities. But now the name has been changed to ‚Äú Upstox ‚ÄĚ. Due to the good service provided by the company, within a few years, it quickly became its customer. At present, millions of users are connected to Upstox. If you also want to join millions of users, then first you have to register in Upstox and create an account. In this, at present, the facility of Stock Investment, Trading, IPO, Future & Option, Digital Gold and Mutual Funds is available.

Are there any charges for buying and selling each stock?

If there is no charge while buying the stock of a company, but when you sell it, then there is a charge.

Is the charting facility available in the Upstox app?

Yes, the user can see the graph of the stock price of any company with the help of a chart by logging in with his/her login id.

is there any charge on account opening?

There is a charge for opening the account for the first time. This charge keeps on increasing or decreasing according to the offer.

By what name is Upstox listed in NSE?

Since the old name of Upstox is ‘RKSV SECURITIES INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED’. Hence the company is registered with the same name in NSE.

Upstox me Demat account open kaise kare

How to earn money from Upstox?

Below we have mentioned the main two ways which mostly earn money through this medium. Apart from this, there are other ways by which money can be earned from Upstox.

1# Earn money by buying and selling stock-

If you are thinking of earning money from the share market then Upstox is a good option. With the help of this app, you can earn thousands of lakhs of rupees. People also earn crores of rupees in a short time in the stock market. But if after investing a huge amount of money in proper research and without knowledge, there is a loss. Then it will not take long to become poor. With its help, you can earn money by buying and selling stocks every day. For example, suppose you bought a stock of a company at the rate of Rs 100 and then sold the same stock for Rs 150. In this way, you made a profit of Rs.50 in one stock. If you had bought 100,1000 stocks instead of buying the same stock, then how much money would you have withdrawn.

2# Earn money by referring Upstox-

If you share the Refer link of Upstox with others and someone creates an account in the app from your given link. So in such a situation, Upstox will give you a commission which will be between Rs 100-1000. The amount received in this way can be seen in the Refer and Earn section of the app.

3# Earn money from trading-

Nowadays, users are increasingly interested in trading in the stock market. Thousands and lakhs of rupees can be earned daily from trending. But, the risk is also very high in this. If not trading properly, the loss of thousands can happen in a few minutes. Therefore, whenever you are going to start in stock market trading, before getting the knowledge of trading well, then you should try.

What is the process to create Upstox Account?

First of all, you have to register by clicking on the link of Upstox Account Opening. To create an account, you must have aadhar card, pan card, mobile number, bank passbook etc. Apart from this, a digital signature will have to be done and selfie photos will have to be taken live. After filling all the required details, the approval will be done by the company. Which will be completed in 1-3 days and Username, Password will be provided. Change your password and create a strong password according to you and log in to the mobile app.

Note: A one-time offer is issued by the company so that the user can create an account at a minimum registration charge. The users of Upstox are increasing continuously due to which the Account Opening Charge may increase in the feature. So open an account today and take advantage.

Benefits of this

  • You can earn money with the help of this app.
  • The mobile app is very easy to use.
  • Investing in Mutual Funds, Digital Gold is simple.
  • Money can be earned by sharing refer links.
  • It is easy to contact customer care in case of any issue.
  • To get service at least charge.

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