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Do you want to see Bhu Naksha UP?

It is very easy to see the Uttar Pradesh land map. In this post, all the information related to the Uttar Pradesh land map has been given. In general, we need more land-related work. With the help of a land map, the details of the land can be extracted. The Uttar Pradesh government has made the land details online to reduce the land dispute. Any user can get the details of land online with the help of “ Bhu Naksha UP ”. If you also want to see the Uttar Pradesh land map online, then definitely read this post till the end. Bhoo-Naksha records can now be viewed online as well. For this, Uttar Pradesh has released the upbhunaksha.gov.in portal.

What is Bhu Naksha UP?

Small areas of land located in the land area part of Uttar Pradesh state are shown on the land map. The portal has been issued by the Government of Uttar Pradesh to view the land map online. With which the account number, plot number and amount of land can also be checked. In the land map, the name of a landowner, the size of the land, the demarcation of the land and other details can also be known.

What is the Uttar Pradesh land map and what is its use?

The land parts of any area are shown on the map. In which the size of the land can be small or big. The land map shows the details of the land.

Can the UP Bhu map be checked online?

Yes, land map records have also been released online in some states of India. In which the state of Uttar Pradesh is also included.

How do know the name of the owner of any land?

To know the details of any land, it is also seen with the help of a land map. So that to know the size of the land, the owner and in which area it is located

Uttar Pradesh Geo Map online

If you want to see the land map of any land of Uttar Pradesh, then you can see it from the online official portal (upbhunaksha.gov.in). The details of the land can be extracted in the following way. To get the details of the land, you can see by following the following steps-

  1. First of all open this link of Bhu Naksha UP website- Link-1 || Link-2
  2. Then, select the name of the state, district, tehsil and village.
  3. After this the map of the selected area will appear. In which the plot number / khasra number will appear.
  4. Click on the number of plot number / Khasra number you want to see the details.
  5. Only after clicking, the details of the land such as the name of the landlord, account number, rakwa etc. can be seen.

How to check land type?

Any type of land is found in the state of Uttar Pradesh. If you want to see the type of land, what are the types of land like barren, uncultivable land, transferable, cultivable etc. So you can know by following the following method-

1. First open this page of UP Bhu Naksha website- http://upbhunaksha.gov.in/ or Click Here

2. Then, the name of the state, district, tehsil and village name has to be selected.

3. Now, Click on “Show Land Types Details”. After that you will be able to see all the details.

What are the benefits of a land map?

In some states of India, the land map has been made online through digital media. Some points are given below, which are the benefits of using the land map-

  • Size of the land: You can know the size of the land from the land map. How big is the land and what are the other land around the land which touches its boundary.
  • Land owner: The most important thing about any land is who is the real owner of the land. Because often there is a dispute regarding the owner of the land. But, with the help of land map, the details of the owner of the land can be known.
  • Land Details Online: All the users can easily get the information related to the land from the details issued to see the details of the land through online medium.
  • Validity: From the land map, you can know about the legality of the land. Whether the land is government or not and construction work can be done on the land or not.
  • Time Saving: Ever since the land map has been made online. Time is also being saved. Due to which people easily get the details of land online also.

Why is Bhu Naksha important?

Most of the disputes in India also happen over land. Thousands of land dispute cases are seen every year. In view of this problem, the land map was started by the Government of India. So that all the necessary details related to the land can be found and the dispute is settled in a fair manner. It was also released online to make the land map easily accessible to the people. Which can be viewed from mobile, computer etc. In a land dispute, the owner details of the land can be shown by using the land map as a proof.

Land Types of Uttar Pradesh-

  • Other cultivable barren land
  • Crematoriums and graveyards, except such graveyards and cremation grounds situated in the land or habitation area of ​​the account holders.
  • The land may be uncultivated for other reasons.
  • Land which is in the possession of transferable bhumidhars.
  • arable land.
  • Non-agricultural land such as roads, land, railways, buildings and other land which is not cultivable.
  • Non-agricultural lands such as submerged lands.
  • Non-transferrable land which is in the possession of bhumidhars.

Land Map Details Available District Name

The details of the land map of the state of Uttar Pradesh, you can easily remove the Bhu Naksha Details of any district from the names of the districts given below-

Kanpur NagarBaliya
Kanpur Dehatcolony
Rae BareillySambhal
FirozabadKabir Nagar
Gautam Buddha NagarRavidas Nagar
ambedkar nagar

Contact Details of UP Bhu Naksha Department

  • Helpline Number: 0522-2217145
  • Email ID: bhulekh-up@gov.in
Bhu-Naksha Official WebsiteLink-1 // Link-2
Bhu-Lekha SiteClick Here

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