Vimarsh Portal (Vimarsh Portal) is a portal created for the education system work of Madhya Pradesh state. The portal has been released by Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (MP). Do you want to know information related to the “ Vimarsh Portal ”? With the help of the Vimarsh portal, information related to examination, vocational courses, tests and other education-related information is provided. It is a useful portal for all the officers / teachers working in the students or education department of Madhya Pradesh state. So, you can read this post to know more information, maybe it will be useful for you.

Vimarsh Portal MP

  • Phone Number: 0755-2581064
  • Address: Gautam Nagar,Near Chetak Bridge, Bhopal- 462023

Q. What is PLC?
Under PLC (Professional Learning Community) there is a platform for teachers, officials of the education department. In which articles, videos related to any topic of the course can be shared.

Q. What is the Vimarsh portal useful for?
Vimarsh portal is very useful for teachers and students of Madhya Pradesh state.

Q. Can I ask questions related to any course in the portal?
If you are a student of the state and want to ask questions related to any subject, then you can ask.

Q. What is DKRG in Vichar Portal?
DKRG is also known as District Key Resource Group. For more details visit Vimarsh Portal.

Q. What is the full form of RMSA and RSK?
The full form of RMSA is ‘Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan’ and the full form of RSK is “Rashtriya Shiksha Kendra”.

Vimarsh Portal MIS ki jankari darj karen

What is Vimarsh Portal?

Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan is a website/portal launched by the Department. 
Which has been named 
Vimarsh Portal ‘. Generally, educational, training, monitoring, results, annual grants, educational tours and other information of Madhya Pradesh state can also be taken from this website. 
We have mentioned some points below-
Training: One day and five-day residential training are organized. 
The district-level event is a one-day non-residential training. 
At the divisional level, all the teachers of the high school are supervised by the director.
Teacher Development: Collection of content for teachers’ teaching to improve academic quality.
Annual grant: Up to Rs.50,000/- is given to schools every year. 
This amount is used for sports, laboratory, drinking water, furniture repair and other types of work.
Educational Tours: Every year students are taken on tour to high and excellent institutions from the school side.

How to do PLC Registration in Vichar Portal?

First of all go 
to this link of Vimarsh Portal-  Click Here |
Then, enter the UID number and click on “Register”.
After this the name will appear. 
Enter Email ID, Mobile No in the box.
Enter the password and re-enter the password to confirm.
Now, click on “Register”. 
This is how registration can be done.
Note: When creating a password, include at least five characters and the special symbol (@, #, %, * etc.)

How To Login Vimarsh Portal PLC?

First of all, go to the login page of the official site- / 
Click Here /
Again, enter the UID Number and PLC Password.
Then click on the “Login” button.

Know how to download Question Bank-

  1. In the first, open this link of the portal-
  2. After this select “Class Name” and “Subject”.
  3. Now, click on “Click to View” to download Question Bank.

Check Result of Annual Exam?

  1. First click on this link of the portal-
  2. Then, select the District Name, Block, School Name and Class.
  3. Now, enter the captcha number and click on “Show”.

Vocational Textbook Download Process

1. First of all open this page of Vimarsh Portal- / Click Here /

2. Then, select from the Textbook / Curricular, which you want to download.

3. After this also select Class and Trade.

4. Now, the “View” link will appear by clicking on it the download can be done in PDF.

विमर्श पोर्टल से प्रश्नबैंक कैसे डाउनलोड करें

View Gradation List in Vimarsh Portal-

Step-1: First of all visit this link of Vimarsh Portal-

Step-2: Select Designation (Post) and select from Interim / Final.

Step-3: Then, select the date and click on “View”.

District Key Resource (DKRG) Group Application Form

District Key Resource (DKRG) group member’s application and consent can be registered in the Vimarsh portal. District Resource Group is being formed for evaluation activities in the districts. In which each district will have two members. Follow the below steps to submit the online application-

  1. First open the application form by clicking on the application link located on the home page of Vimarsh portal .
  2. Fill 6 numbers of UID, SRG name, District, DISE code of the school, school name, parent post, address etc.
  3. Then, select the appointment number, educational qualification and other details.
  4. Now, enter the reason for agree/disagree and click on “SUBMIT”.

Bridgecourse Study Material Download Process-

1. First of all go to this link of the official site-

2. Then, your class (9th,10th,11th & 12th) has to be selected.

3. After this the download button of Teacher Handbook and Student Workbook will show.

4. According to the subject, you can download from ‘Download Link’.

Features and benefits of Vimarsh Portal-

  • Students can check and see their results through the portal.
  • Teachers can upload videos on any topic of their subject.
  • Students can ask about any topic online and get answers while sitting at home.
  • Question bank, text book, necessary information etc. can also be viewed from the portal.
  • Vimarsh portal is useful for both student and teacher.

What is the Handbook for Cyber ​​Security Students?

A booklet for information related to cyber security has been issued by the Department of Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan. In this booklet, students have been told about cyber threat and its side effects. It can be downloaded in PDF form from the Cyber ​​Security Handbook download link available in the website . By getting the information of this booklet, you can avoid being a victim of cybercrime today. That’s why this book is useful for everyone apart from students.

Vimarsh Portal से MP Board के प्रश्न बैंक कैसे प्राप्त करें।

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