Web registration portals that you might have used too. With the help of this portal, we can do land-related work online. Everyone’s dream is that “they have a big land and build a big house for themselves”. But, after purchasing the land, we have to register that land. So that the government can also know who bought this land and who is its owner now.

Apart from this, proof of being the owner of the land is also available from the registration of the land. In this post, we will know about the information related to land registration ( Wbregistration Portal ) of West Bengal state.

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Market ValueFlats || Land
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WB Registration & Stamp Duty

Q. Can this portal be used for all states?
No, this portal has been released exclusively for the state of West Bengal only.

Q. What is the registration charge and stamp charge to be paid separately?
Of course, the charge of both seems to be different. To see the amount of charge, visit the official website.

Q. Is it necessary to register the land?
Yes, you should definitely get your own land registered. Due to this, a document is made in the name of the landowner.

Q. WBRegistration is the official portal of which state?
WB Registration is the portal of West Bengal which is used for land-related work.

Q. By what percentage has the stamp duty rate been reduced?
The stamp duty rate has been reduced by 2%. Apart from this, the circle rate / IGR rate has also been reduced by 10%.

What is WBRegistration?

There is a portal issued by the State Government of West Bengal, in which online is used for work-related to Land Registration, Market Value of Land, Stamp Charge etc. With the help of the site, it can be easily checked how much the registration fee, stamp charge will be charged for any land. Apart from this, many work-related to land can be done online from this portal. To get the registration of any land, we have to pay the fee for it. In which the fee is charged on the basis of the area in which the land is situated. Apart from this, Stamp Duty Charge also has to be paid separately.

How to do WBRegistration Login?

First, open the Wbregistration Login page.
Then, enter the User Name and Password in the boxes.
Enter the security code and click on Log In.

Market Value of Land Check

First of all, go to the official site and click on the Calculator button in E-Service.
After this, click on the link “ Market Value of Land ”.
Then a new window will open in which fill the address, plot number, Khaitan number, land area and other details as asked.
Enter the “Captcha” number and click on “Display Market Value”.
Now, you will be able to see the market value of the land and other details.

Stamp Duty and Registration Fee

First of all click on the link “ Stamp Duty and Registration Fee ”.
Transaction Major और Transaction Minor को Select करें।
After this select Local Body as well.
Now, enter the market value Rs. Which is the market value of your land.
Enter “Captcha code” and click on the “Display” button.

See Seller, Buyer and Party Name

First, open the Seller / Buyer and Party Name page of the Wbregistration website.
After this fill in the First and Last Names.
Then, select the “Year” in which the land transaction took place.
Select the district and also enter the “Captcha” number.
Now, click on “Display” after that all the details will appear and you can see more details from the “View” link of View Property.

How to Submit Complaint in WBRegistration?

First of all, go to this page of the official website- Click Here |
Then, select the Suggestion/Complain Submission.
Fill in the name, address details, mobile number, email etc.
After this, if you want to make a complaint, select “Your Complaint” and if you want to give a suggestion, then select “Your Suggestion”.
Any suggestion or complaint, write it in the blank box.
If you want to upload the file, then upload it in PDF format. Which maximum file size is 1 MB.
Now, enter the captcha code and click on “Submit”.

Check complaint status

1 First of all, this page of the official site has to be opened- 
Get Here
2. Then, two options ‘Grievance ID’ and ‘Applicant’ will be shown.
3. After this, according to the option selected, Grievance ID, name, mobile number, date etc. will appear.
4. Enter the captcha code and click on “Search”.

How to View Transacted Property Details?
First, go 
to this link of wbregistration.gov.in- [ 
Click  Here ]
Select Property Distract and Property Thana as well.
Then, select Local Body and select the year of the year you want to see.
Select the district from where you have registered. 
Then choose one of the two options Road Wise Search and Mouza Wise Search.
Then, enter the “Security Code” and click on the “Display” button.

Market Value of Land, Stamp Duty and Registration

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